... in the video game Gran Turismo sport.

There is already a GT sport thread, but I felt this warranted it's own topic in importance, given this is the closest to official specs we've had. It's not directly from Toyota, but Polyphony (the developers of Gran Turismo) have close access to and input from manufacturers.

Displacement: 1500cc
Max power: 133 BHP @ 7000 rpm
Max torque: 15.3 kgfm @ 5500 rpm
Drivetrain: FR
Length: 3990 mm
Width: 1695 mm
Height: 1320 mm
Weight: 1050 kg

From 16:32 in this video:


Costs '30000 credits' in gran turismo fantasy money

Also in the game, SFR Racing Concept specs @ 16:45

Displacement: 1500cc
Max power: 349 BHP @ 6400 rpm
Max torque: 45.8 kgfm @ 5500 rpm
Drivetrain: FR
Length: 4100 mm
Width: 1735 mm
Height: 1270 mm
Weight: 1150 kg