Here it is, the Toyota S-FR concept from its world debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show!

Our Q&A interview conducted by a representative we had in Tokyo.

Q&A Summary:

Q: Production in North America?
A: This is a concept car and we are not providing any specific details regarding future marketing plans yet.

Q: What is the car’s weight? What materials were used to achieve it?
A: Numerical weight is not being disclosed. The intent is to make the car very light and it will be achieved without the use of special materials.

Q: What kind of engine and power output is planned?
A: Still a concept car so no specifics have been decided in this regard.

Q: Plans for turbocharging?
A: Same answer.

Q: What chassis was this built on? Is it built on the 86 chassis?
A: It is not built on the 86 and it will be smaller than the 86 chassis.

Q: What type of transmissions (auto/manual) are planned?
A: The concept is a 6-speed manual transmission, but in the future if they bring it to market, they will explore different transmission options. Probably will be both auto and manual transmissions.

Q: What type of suspension? Stiffer like the 86 or softer like the Miata?
A: Still just a concept car, but we would like the car to have a smooth ride.

Q: Is this an in-house project or a collaboration?
A: This is completely Toyota.

Q: Fastback or liftback design?
A: Normal trunk is what we are envisioning because hatchback would add weight. Stiffness of the body is another consideration (against hatchbacks).

Q: Will the roof be a hardtop, targa top, glass roof, etc?
A: We are using glass for the auto show concept, but due to weight and stiffness considerations it will likely be a regular metal hardtop.


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