We've been tipped on the S-FR technical specs and pricing target. Here are the important figures (translated from below):

  • 2NR-FKE engine (tuned version of the one used in Japan's Corolla, now with direct injection and revised ports)
  • 1.5L inline 4 cylinder dual-overhead cam (DOHC)
  • 130 PS / 15.1kgf.m (109.2 lb-ft torque)
  • Aisin 6 Speed Transmission only (no automatic)
  • Fuel consumption: 20.0km/l (47 mpg) (Japanese test cycle)
  • Regular gasoline (no premium needed)
  • Weight: 980kg (2160 lbs)
  • Suspension: Front struts / double wishbone rear
  • 3990 mm length, 1695 mm width, 1320 mm height, 2480 mm wheelbase
  • Estimated price (Japan) is $10k (USD equivalent) less than the current Miata
    • Note: 1.5L Miata is $20.8k including tax in Japan, S-FR is estimated to be $12.5k including tax

Keep in mind that this is for the Japanese market S-FR. Other markets (such as U.S.) may or may not be powered by a different engine and may receive an automatic option.

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