View Full Version : Toyota S-FR makes video game debut in 'Gran Turismo Sport'

10-06-2017, 02:15 AM
Gran Turismo Sport will be released for ps4 on October 17.

The 'Toyota S-FR' and 'Toyota S-FR Racing Concept' are both separate, driveable cars in this game.

Cool considering there are only 10 Toyota's in the game, the S-FR has been given prominent placement.


It will be interesting to see what the specifications of the car in the game are, given Toyota never officially released any.

Anyone here with a ps4 able to post the specs when they get the game?

10-08-2017, 05:35 PM
A video of the S-FR rendered in the game:


10-09-2017, 10:06 AM

Anyone want to give the demo a try and tell us what specs are listed?

10-09-2017, 08:36 PM
Nice!! I usually wait for games to get old then buy it. I will make an exception for this one. Thanks

10-16-2017, 01:06 AM
Gran Turismo Sport S-FR Racing Concept - In game footage:



10-16-2017, 01:25 AM
Toyota S-FR in game description:

"The Toyota S-FR is Toyota's lightweight sports car, announced as a concept in the Tokyo Motorshow held in the fall of 2015. This is "a concept aiming to provide perfect control in an entry model, allowing the driver to enjoy interacting with the car in it's everyday use". The body design contains the design essence from the famed Toyota Sport 800, with a long nose and cute rounded body. Meanwhile it also adds contemporary touches, matching the design to modern tastes. At the 2015 world premiere the engine and other information were not revealed, introducing only the body size and other measurements; a 2,480 mm wheel base, 3,990 mm length x 1,695 mm width, 1,320 mm height, and the fact that it would be a 4 passenger vehicle. The front to rear weight distribution wo..."

^^ Description cuts off before it is completed in the only video I can find. I wonder if the complete description states how and why the "engine and other information" came to be added to GT Sport?

S-FR racing concept in game description:

"The Toyota S-FR concept was first revealed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The sporty car was compact at 3,990 mm in length and 1,695 mm in width, with a weight of only 980 kg, together with a long nose and short deck style and front midship rear-wheel drive layout, the car immediately gave an impression of being fun to drive. Though there are no plans for the commercial sale of the car, it gathered great attention from the visitors of the show. The racing version of this car is the S-FR Racing Concept, revealed at the 2016 Toyko Auto Salon. As the name implies, this is also a concept car. With fenders flared out by 20 mm per side, a large air outlet on the bonnet, and carbon aerodynamic parts such as the large front spoiler, rear wing, side skirts and rear diffuser, the additions change the impression of the car froms it's ra..."

^^ I added bold tags to the above text for emphasis


All text taken from this video:


10-20-2017, 12:04 AM
A few decent videos of the S-FR in game have been uploaded:


Accurate video showing how I intend to drive my S-FR: