View Full Version : Toyota S-FR II concept bound for Tokyo

01-26-2017, 08:27 PM

In an attempt to show that Toyota means business with its effort to create a stronger sports-car range—one that encompasses small, medium and large sports cars—Japan’s number-one automaker also will unveil a purist coupe called the S-FR II concept, an evolution of the concept seen at the 2015 Tokyo auto show. With its huge grille, funky proportions, and short overhangs, the tiny rear-wheel-drive coupe will slot in at the bottom of Toyota’s sports-car lineup. It’s powered by a 116-hp turbocharged 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine or a 130-hp naturally aspirated 1.5-liter inline-four, with both versions expected to be offered with either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission. Toyota’s “Mr. 86,” Tetsuya Tada, father of the Scion FR-S (now the Toyota 86), has been tasked with bringing the S-FR to global markets at a starting price under $15,000—and, yes, that potentially could include the United States.


01-29-2017, 12:25 AM
On one hand I'm glad to see they intend to build it, but I have strong doubts about it making to US shores. I hope they drop some info about potential markets, no more playing with our emotions please.

01-29-2017, 04:01 AM
Some good news at last, hope this isn't just made up rumour and comes true.

Surprised they're showing the 'supra' as a concept, I expected they'd be ready to show the production model.

Said to be a new Nissan Z at the Tokyo show also, but reportedly heading in the wrong direction with larger engines.

01-31-2017, 09:25 PM
finally going to see an official Supra concept too


01-31-2017, 09:41 PM
I'm so glad to see some updates about this car. I love the specs and don't really mind the 1.5 engine. I hope Toyota uses the same engine as the Yaris.

Matt W
02-03-2017, 06:17 PM
Very exciting news!
Fingers crossed they make it!