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05-08-2016, 07:17 AM
Good interview where Tada San discusses his hopes for more Toyota sports cars and a performance sub brand:


05-08-2016, 03:45 PM
The lead engineer behind the Toyota 86, Tetsuya Tada, has revealed a goal to create a performance brand rival to challenge Audi’s quattro GmbH, BMW’s M and Mercedes-Benz’s Mercedes-AMG divisions, while personally dreaming of not only a Toyota Supra successor but also a new version of the iconic Celica GT-Four.

“One fault Toyota has experienced before, is we once produced so many various types of sports cars but when the profit goes down, they just quit straight away. And that’s the major fault. Supra is gone, MR2 is gone, Celica is gone…”

Continuing on that line, Tada-san reveals that if he had his own way, he’d love to see a modern-day production-car successor to the globally successful rally beast that was the Celica GT-Four.

Teaming a turbocharged 2.0-litre 3S-GTE four-cylinder with a five-speed manual transmission and four-wheel drive, outputs were in the realm of 180kW of power and 300Nm of torque (depending on year, specification and market sold).

“I would prefer a new Celica GT4 – turbo, four-wheel drive. [It’s a] really fun car and really fast. And [it was fast on] every type of road.

“[A new one is definitely] one of my dreams.”

You and me both Mr. Tada

05-13-2016, 11:12 PM
Apparently they want the World Rally Vitz to be a thing.

I've just seen a magazine article here that says they may make the S-FR into a wider, more powerful car so they can sell it globally, but that would set the release date back to 2021.